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The JAEL-Kids study (2020-2021) is an extension of the project “Youth welfare trajectories: learning form experience (JAEL)”. Currently, few studies examined parenting behavior of individuals with a history of out-of-home placement during their childhood or adolescence, as well as on the development of their children. The aim of the JAEL-Kids study is therefore to investigate the parenting behavior of the JAEL participants towards their children and to examine cross-generational developmental trajectories of their child. Parents will be assessed with psychometric questionnaires; children are systematically tested with developmental psychological methods.

The focus of the JAEL-Kids study is thus on the children’s general developmental stage, and its link with their parent’s history of out-of-home placement in childhood or adolescence. More knowledge on this topic will help us better understand the needs of this group of young adults as well as the development of their children.