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„A lot of expertise“

Our Advisory Board is also multidisciplinary and multilingual. It is composed of experienced experts in research and clinical practice:

  • Ausloos, Tanguy: Youth delegate, City of Lausanne, General secretariat for Children, Youth and Neighborhood
  • Baer, Niklas: Head of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit, Psychiatry Baselland
  • Bässler, Martin: Head of Educational Offers of the “Gott hilft” (God helps) Foundation
  • Baud, Olivier: General Secretary Official Youth Foundation and Vice President Integras
  • Blülle, Stefan: Retired Head of Children and Youth Services Basel-Stadt
  • Diethelm, Karl: General Executive BACHLETEN and President Inetgras
  • Dittmann, Jörg: Lecturer, Institution of Social Planning, Organizational Change and Urban Development, School of Social Work FHNW
  • Doreleijers, Theo: Professor emeritus VU University Medical Center Amsterdam and Leiden University
  • Ebner, Gerhard: Specialist for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Rehaklinik Bellikon
  • Flotron, Pascal: Retired juvenile court judge from the bernese jura
  • Gabriel, Thomas: Professor and Head of the Institution for Childhood, Youth and Family, ZHAW
  • Jud, Andreas: Lecturer and Project Manager, Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts, Social Work, Institution Social Work and Law, and Professor Universotätklinikum Ulm
  • de Lange, Benjo: Site Manager, Somosa Model Station
  • Rauser, Gabriele: Managing Director Integras, Zurich Office, Special Education Department
  • Uhlmann, Sabine: Head of Department, Execution of Sentences and Measures, Department of Justice and Security of the Canton of Basel-Stadtt
  • Zbären-Lutz, Corinne: Lawyer, Deputy Head of IV Division, Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA, Federal Social Insurance Office FSIO, Disability Insurance Division