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The demand for high-quality advanced education courses on the Internet has risen tremendously in recent years. Participants particularly appreciate the time and location flexibility of these e-learning courses. The positive experience with various e-learning programs in Germany strengthened the idea of making the findings of the JAEL study accessible in the form of an online tool. The program focusses particularly on professionals who deal with children, adolescents and young adults on a daily basis in residential socio-educational setting.

An important objective of the JAEL project is the scientific evaluation of the effects of residential care in Switzerland. By recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of residential placements, interventions can be developed in order to clear obstacles or to promote success factors. An advantage of JAEL is the fact that the implementation of the new findings into the socio-educational practice is an integral part of the project. In contrast to other research projects, JAEL not only identifies possible weaknesses, but also develops practical solutions and makes them available to professionals in the form of an e-learning program. This program is expected to available for professionals as part of this research project from autumn 2019. Before the program can be offered as an official advanced education course, the benefits of the program should be scientifically examined. For this purpose, we are looking for socio-educational professionals who are willing to test the program as well as to complete additional questionnaires.

The content of the e-learning program focuses on sensitizing risk and protective factors in children, adolescents and young adults and, in particular, on dealing with these factors in day-to-day socio-educational practice. The aim of the e-learning program is to provide professionals confidence in dealing with the different prerequisites that young people have to meet and to transfer the latest findings of research into everyday practice.